Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pumpkins for All: Part 2

By: Marieanne Coursen, Agricultural Interpreter

In part one I showed the three varieties of pumpkins we grew this year at the Lippitt Farmstead. In addition to making a wonderful pie ingredient, pumpkin is also a great food for our farm animals. To make it easier for them to eat, it is first chopped into bite-sized pieces. 

I offered the freshly chopped pumpkins to several of our animals at Lippitt Farmstead and got mixed results. The pigs of course ate them, but then, they will eat anything!

The turkeys were skeptical...
...the geese gave it a try...
...but in the end they were not interested.

The chickens, however, loved it!

Ollie, our Southdown sheep, remembered eating pumpkin in the past and dug right in.

The rest of the sheep were not impressed, but I have been feeding them pumpkin sprinkled with grain for several days and now they eat it right up. Animals tend to be neophobic and often hesitate to try new foods, but once they sample it with no bad results they are happy to add it to the menu.

Last but not least, Seraphina is a huge fan of pumpkin.
Of course this is only appropriate since you may recall from an earlier blog post, her namesake was also fond of pumpkin!


DeVona said...

Great post! Charming pig portrait! May I have permission to use your pig picture as a reference photo to draw from (someday when time allows)? I have a very small business, Farmhouse Greetings, and I design notecards and calendars.

blog team said...

Thanks, DeVona! Could you please email your contact info to stayconnected@nysha.org so that we can get you in touch with our staff person in charge of rights and reproductions?

-Kajsa Sabatke, Manager of Public Programs

Madison H said...

Thank you for sharring

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