Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gypsy Pioneers help Heat Up the Night

By: John Buchinger, Associate Director of Education
I have lived in Cooperstown for about four years now. It is truly one of the most surprising little places I have ever lived. Meeting Will Green – local boy, hometown lawyer, #1 dad, and all-around quality fellow – has been one of the best parts of my move here. Will is also the driving force (and driving bass) behind the band Gypsy Pioneers, who will headline this Saturday at the museum’s newest event, Heat Up the Night: A Benefit for Area Schools and Programs at The Farmers’ Museum and the Fenimore Art Museum. Heat up the Night will help us deliver programs at reduced or no cost to area schools.

Here’s what Will had to say about the band:

 So Will, tell me a bit about how the GPs came into existence.
The Gypsies were a pick-up band that was put together for a send-off party. Our first gig took place at Bump Tavern at The Farmers’ Museum. Our drummer had never practiced with the band so he got some on-the-job training. We were well received and it led to the idea of seeing where we could take the group. From there we took to playing local venues and festivals.

Who makes up the GPs?
Tom Baron: vocals, guitar, mandolin
Sandee Peevers: guitar, vocals, mandolin
Orion Palmer: drums, vocals, ukulele
Will Walker: guitar, vocals
Jeanne Bennett-O’Dea: violin, mandolin, vocals
Will Green: bass, vocals
And finally some new guy named Tim Iverson playing keys

So you all have a strong local music connection?
We have a local, regional, and international presence. The majority of the members of the Gypsies are from Otsego County. Sandee Pevers is a jet-setting promoter with her company On Cue Artist for international acts so she brings that to the table. Tom Baron is from Syracuse and plays with several bands there, including the Milkweeds and Jemba. The rest of us are in several local bands, too many to mention.

Can you talk about your sound a bit?
Alt-Country (Wilco, Ryan Adams), Roots Rock and Country (the good stuff like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson). We have a few originals that we play.

Where may folks have seen you in the past?
We have played Applefest in Fly Creek and the Smithy and the Hoffman Lane Bistro in Cooperstown.

So what are we going to see on Saturday the 27th?
The most recent iteration of the band will include Tim Iversen on organ, synth, piano, etc. The band will be rocking a little more, much like our recent gig at the Smithy.

Where can people check out your music?
We can be found on Facebook and at We are streaming songs we are working on through SoundCloud that is updated weekly as editing and new takes are added to the songs we are working on.

Do members of the band have local connections that make playing this benefit meaningful?
I grew up in Otsego County as well as several members of the band and I remember taking field trips to The Farmers’ Museum when I was in school. I think today The Farmers’ Museum and NYSHA have even more to offer students so I hope we can get people to come out to support this important cause.

Thanks Will. We are looking forward to rockin’ out with you for a good cause this Saturday.

Besides the Gypsy Pioneers, Heat up the Night features area sensation and high school rockers Cheese of the Misty Ceremony, the amazing fire juggler Keith Leaf, a bonfire, and family games and entertainment. For details or tickets, call Karen Wyckoff at (607) 547-1410.

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