Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New Calf on the Farm!

By: Kajsa Sabatke, Manager of Public Programs
Meet our latest addition to the Lippitt Farmstead!

If you’ve milked a cow at the farm, you’ve met Buttercup or her daughter Daisy Mae. We borrow them from a farm in Marathon, New York, and now we have purchased Daisy Mae’s calf. She was born on April 13. This new calf is a milking shorthorn, one of the oldest breeds in the world and one known in particular for its quiet temperament. Eventually, we hope that she will be able to become our milking cow.
I haven’t shared our new calf’s name – because she still needs one and we want your help in naming her! Please email your name suggestions to us at stayconnected@nysha.org by May 15. We’ll look at all your ideas and if we choose your name, you’ll win a photo of yourself with the calf.

Stop in and meet our new calf down on the farm, and try your hand at milking Daisy Mae any day at 3:30pm.

1 comment:

Kjirsten said...

How about Bright, the name of one of Almanzo Wilder's two oxen in "Farmer Boy?"

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