Friday, May 28, 2010

Hunter/Jumper Clinic in Cooperstown

By: Meg Preston

The Farmers' Museum 14th Annual Benefit Horse Show is a great chance for riders to show in Cooperstown and support the museum’s education programs. The day before the show, riders of all ages have a wonderful opportunity to learn from one of the top equestrians in the country. I grew up here in Cooperstown, and was very lucky to own a horse, take riding lessons, and most of all, go to shows. I had a very knowledgeable trainer, and I know that if an opportunity to go to a clinic and take instruction by a nationally known equestrian had come along so close to home, she would have encouraged me to go for it! I was fortunate to be able to take a lesson from John Moffat, and was thrilled for the experience.

This year the 4th Annual Hunter/Jumper Clinic will be held on Saturday, June 12, and is open to riders of all ages, levels, and abilities riding horses or ponies (participants must be able to jump at least 2 feet). The clinic will be conducted by Timmy Kees from Westport, CT. With over 35 years experience on the “A” horse show circuit, W.T. (“Timmy”) Kees is one of the country’s most prominent hunter/equitation trainers. Overnight stabling off-site and a discount on entry fees is available for registrants who are participating in the both the clinic and the show. Four sessions are available. Space is limited and registration is required by June 9. You can download a registration form on our website.

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