Monday, July 26, 2010

Celebrating our Carousel Volunteers

By: Keith Rohlman, Public Programs Intern
A few weeks ago the County Fair at the Museum had some special visitors: Karen Psilopoulis and Joseph Zupan and their students from Leptondale Elementary of Wallkill, New York. Now, you might be asking “why are these kids and their teachers special?” Well, it’s because they, along with other students from Wallkill, volunteered their time to help us make a nameplate for the Empire State Carousel. Not only that, but they are the first elementary students to visit since completing a nameplate. So, to celebrate their visit today, the students were treated to a ride and a special thank you from our Vice President for Education, Garet Livermore. Garet thanked both the students and their teachers for their hard work in helping us to decorate our special carousel. Gwen Feldt and her class from Plattekill Elementary visited on the 16th of June, and we thanked them for their hard work as well!
Our carousel has over 100 nameplates like the one carved by the students of Wallkill, but it still has many empty spots. So if you’d like to help us represent your hometown on the carousel, just contact Mary Margaret Kuhn to get the process started. Her e-mail address is and her phone number here at the museum is 607-547-1423. It is free to volunteer and there is only a $25 refundable security deposit for the plate we send to you. You can decorate the plate how you like and send it back, and then you too can be a part of creating the only museum exhibit you can ride!

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