Thursday, July 15, 2010

Residents of the Children’s Barnyard

By: Keith Rohlman, Public Programs Intern

The other day, Kajsa and I decided we needed to introduce y’all to the new residents of our Children’s Barnyard. So the other day, I got out before the school groups arrived to take some photos of our four-legged friends...and the chickens, too. They were all a little antsy to be fed, but some of them were nice enough to pose for some pictures.

First, we have Hansel and Gretel, our two Cheviot lambs that were born at The Farmers’ Museum on April 25th. They were a little shy, but after enough tries I finally managed to get both of them in the same photo, which is more than I can say for the goats.
We have two breeds of goat at the barn. First off we have three Boer goats named Holly, Ginger and Henrietta. They were born on the first of March and are on loan from the Baker Family of the Just Kidding Farm in Richfield Springs.
Here is one of the Boer goats:

We also have Tessa, who is an Alpine dairy goat. She was born on April 14th and is on loan from Karen Fisher of Swamp Hill Farm in Jordanville. The goats were really fidgety this morning, so it was hard for me to get the shots I did. They prefer to be in the yard running around.
Here is Tessa:

Next, we have a Brown Swiss Heifer Calf named Corabelle. She was born on March 6th, and is on loan from Lester and Joanne Tyler of the Sunny Acres farm in Milford. Corabelle was very calm and also really curious about my camera. I think it looked tasty to her, so I’m glad I kept some distance from her pen.

And then we have the chickens. They’re Sussex Chickens and were hatched on March 2nd. They really didn’t like me in their cage, and I only managed one shot of them not running around like a bunch of, well, chickens. Of course it might have something to do with how big I am, but I’m not sure.

The Children's Barnyard is open through Labor Day Weekend!

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