Monday, August 30, 2010

Wait - isn't it still 2010? Help!

By: Erin Richardson, Curator
During August and September, we try to enjoy the busy summer and beautiful weather - but we also begin thinking about the next year's programs, events, exhibitions, and, of course, budgets. This year we're hoping that you will help us with our planning by filling out this quick survey. We would like your input in helping us allocate our resources and plan for the future.  What do you REALLY like at The Farmers' Museum? What would you not miss?  If you only read our blog, and aren't able to visit- that is OK. Please provide your thoughts anyway.

Some of you may know our sister museum across the street - Fenimore Art Museum. As many of our members and visitors choose to visit both, there are questions about each museum. Again, please feel free to only answer questions that you feel apply to you.  Every little bit helps, and we will keep your answers confidential!

Here's the survey link:

PS - If you are a regular reader, you may notice that my last name is different.  A quick post about my wedding coming later this week!

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