Friday, November 12, 2010

Got Grandkids? So do Nancy and Donna!

Donna Williams and Nancy Castro are Retail Associates at The Farmers’ Museum Shop, as well as two very proud Grandparents.
With 14 grandchildren between us, we want to share with other grandparents how much we enjoy a day at the Farm with our own grandkids.

Donna – When I bring my 5 year old granddaughter, Darien, to The Farmers’ Museum the first thing she runs to is the Cardiff Giant! It absolutely fascinates her. Second only to the Giant is the Carousel. It’s a wonder she can still walk a straight line after going around and around so many times! She loves to ride the various carousel animals, giving each one their fair share of her time, as well as her tokens.

Nancy - Since we live in a farming community, my grandkids love to spend time with the animals, especially milking the cow and feeding the goats. The hands-on experience of farming is genuinely fun and it stays with them long after they leave the museum. When they get home they brag to their parents about their new skills! And the old-fashioned games are what I love to see them doing. Something that isn’t electronic!

The experience continues for all of us when we reach the Museum Shop. Being involved in the selection of merchandise has given the two of us the opportunity to share that experience with other grandparents. (As well as plan our birthday and Christmas shopping!) We stay away from typical souvenirs, but instead look for good grandparent gifts; some educational, some cute, and some just for fun like the Cow Poop paper! Our grandkids particularly like to take home a magnet of the carousel animal they rode, or a good luck mini animal, and always a piece of rock candy!

Here's Nancy organizing the Poo Paper:

Good luck mini animals come in all shapes - but only one size - tiny!

We know from our own experiences how rewarding it can be to spend a day getting back to the basics with the grandchildren, and we hope you’ll feel the same when you come for a visit. Be sure to stop by the shop and say hello when you do!

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