Thursday, August 11, 2011

Junior Livestock Show

By: Meredith Doubleday, Public Programs Intern

Despite the fact that I have lived locally my whole life, I have never attended the Junior Livestock Show until this year. I have driven by the grounds a hundred times but never stopped to see what all the excitement was. However, since I am working in the Education Department this summer, I had the opportunity to help out at the event.

One of my tasks was to assist Richard Walker as he photographed portraits of many of the participants and their animals. The first thing that struck me was how much these kids cared for their animals. It was even evident during the photography shoots. The strong bond established over the many months leading up to the livestock show was clear in the intuitive and easy manner with which they handled their animals. This photo of Austin Ainslie of Herkimer County with his Jersey Dairy Cow is a good example.

The parade of champions on the last day was definitely the highlight of the three-day event. All the winners led their animals into the ring with pride one final time while their names were announced. My favorite part was when Fuchsia R. Holly, the pig, was led in by Shannon Spargo of Schoharie County. Unlike all the other animals who were led by their exhibitors, the pig was rolled into the tent in a cage with wheels, which was made by a local 4-H member.

This is Nathan Hay of Schoharie County and winner of the Livestock Cup. He is pictured with Ms. Justice his Simmintel Beef Cow, his sister Sarah Hay, Paul D’Ambrosio, President and CEO of The Farmers’ Museum, Joseph Booan, Mayor of Cooperstown.

This is Victoria Opalka of Montgomery County, winner of the Dairy Goat Cup, and her goat Secret Star Farm Summer’s Eve. She is presented with the award by Paul D’Ambrosio and Assemblyman Bill McGee.

The last award, the Dairy Cup, was given to Clyde Sammons of Montgomery County. He stands proudly with his Hostein Dairy Cow, Stonecree Advent Adorable-Red, Commissioner Darell Aubertine, and Assemblyman Bill McGee.

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