Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lights, Camera, Carousel!

By: Erin Crissman, Curator
For the last two weeks, Richard Walker has been photographing the Empire State Carousel for a new book due out Memorial Day Weekend, 2010. This new publication will offer information about the carousel's 23 hand-carved animals and additional fun bits of info about the other colorful components of our amazing mobile museum. Did you know that virtually every part of the carousel is carved or decorated? Portrait panels of famous New Yorkers, folklore panels, historical murals and quilted banners all help to enhance the ways in which the Empire State Carousel tells our state's story. The book will also share some stories from head carver and carousel project organizer, Gerry Holzman.
I'm looking forward to this book! I notice something new each time I visit the carousel. (Of course, I'm partial to those visits being lunchtime rides with visiting family and friends; just one of the many perks of my job!) Like most visitors, I would love something to reference that will tell me more about this amazing, and largest, object in The Farmers' Museum Collection. Stay tuned for more!

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