Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winter Work for Historic Clothing Staff

By: Kajsa Sabatke, Interpretive Projects CoordinatorAs our 2009 season draws to a close, one of the first tasks for our historic clothing staff is to collect and inventory the historic clothing from our interpreters. Kitty gathers all the clothing from the staff, checks for items in need of repair or replacement, updates her inventory list, and then stores the clothing for another winter. (She would like to remind those interpreters reading this to return their clothing now that it’s November.) Dorothy, our adept seamstress, repairs the clothes and sews new items when the old ones have worn out. Some of our interpreters – like our blacksmith – are harder on their clothing than others, in part because of the more physical tasks related to their jobs. By the time we prepare to begin the season in the spring, the clothing will be ready for another year of wear. This is not a small task with the large numbers of interpreters on our staff – thanks, ladies, for all your hard work keeping us in historically appropriate and well-mended clothes!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! What kind of an inventory system do you have to keep so much clothing organized?

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