Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Programs

By: John Buchinger, Associate Director of Education

Emptying buckets of whey during A Week at the Crossroads

This will mark our third year of weeklong programming for children ages 5-12 at The Farmers’ Museum and our sister institution, the Fenimore Art Museum. The programs are designed to make the most of the beautiful settings around the museums, the collection housed in each, and don’t forget the animals!

We have designed our programs to be responsive to the unique needs of particular age groups. Discovering Art and Nature, for example, appeals to younger children ages 5-7. In this program children will discover the natural world of insects, flora, and critters around the farm. Each day will feature games, crafts, a snack and plenty of outside exploration.
Exploring the trails behind the Farmers’ Museum during a weeklong experience

Our premier program, A Week at the Crossroads, allows kids ages 9-12 to take on the lives and trades of farmers, blacksmiths, and other tradespeople of the 19th century. This program lasts a bit longer than Discovering Art and Nature, with more in-depth crafts and hands-on experiences with farm animals and farm life.

Animals Around Us is also for the 5-7 crowd and focuses on our Carousel, the wonderful carved animals, and the real live animals of the farm and field! Crafts, visits with our farm animals and snacks make this half day program great for K-1st graders.
Close up with a calf during a week long experience

Not forgetting the wonderful collections at the Fenimore Art Museum, we will round out July with Galleries Galore. Kids will explore the galleries and discover various types of American art, from folk to genre to Native American. Each day children will create their own art inspired by our collections. The week culminates in an art exhibition featuring their own art projects.

Exploring the galleries during a weeklong experience at the Fenimore Art Museum.

If you want to sign up for any of these programs, call Karen at 607-547-1410.

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