Friday, July 2, 2010

George Washington loved his farm, then he died.

By: Erin Crissman Richardson, Curator
When did I first know that I wanted to be a museum curator?  Normally, in response to this question, I tell a story related to a Girl Scout trip when I was 12.  I have been telling that story for about 10 years.  That was until I discovered a lost manuscript in my parents' basement.  It is a report called "George Washington."  I surmise that it is from second grade or so.  At the top, there is a "Very Good" stamp from the teacher. Obviously, THIS was the moment when I knew that I would always be a museum and/or history nerd.  Here, for your enjoyment, and to help you celebrate Independence Day, is my first work of historical non-fiction:

George Washington
He was born on Feb. 22, 1732.  He had 6 brothers and sisters. One brother owned a house called Mount Vernon. George went to live there when his father died. Gorge learned to survey land in school. One day Lord Fairfax wanted his land measured. So he could show how much he had.  He asked George if he would help him measure his land. This was George's first job.

George married a woman named Martha Curtis. She was a widow with two children. They all lived in Mount Vernon. The house was small in the begining. George built it bigger for his new family.

The war between England and the colonies started.  George was the leader. The war lasted 8 years. When the war was over he went back to Mount Vernon.

Five years later George was elected first Presedent of the Uninted States.

George loved his farm. every day he went out and looked at his farm. Once day he was cought in a rain storm. And he got pneumonia. On December 14, 1799 he died.

Critical review by the author:
  1. I call George Washington by his first name throughout as if he is the kid sitting next to me in class.  As a child, I would never have called an adult by his or her first name, EVER.  There are still many adults in my life whom I call Mr. or Mrs. So-and-so.  I am actually surprised that my mother allowed me to hand this in with such informality.
  2. There are very few spelling errors.
  3. Please make no connection between George Washington's demise and my previous post about visiting outdoor museums in the rain.
Do any of you have school reports to help us celebrate Independence Day?

Above: George Washington and his family at Mount Vernon.  1889 image by Kurz and Allison.  Image courtesy of the Library Of Congress and can be found here.


Tobi Voigt said...

Excellent essay! Very good indeed. And not one mention of a cherry tree, which proves you were out seeking the truth. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm glad George Washington lived in a lovely home called Mount Vernon so I could get married there. Or next to there, anyway. ;) -- Anne

Radii Publishing said...

touchingly hilarious

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